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We currently hold 2187 books and have helped students successfully sell 742 of their old books.

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If it is not in your case then it's typically found just above the barcode or inside the book.
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reBOOK is here to make student life easier.

We think that one way for student life to become easier is through a simplistic platform where students can trade their used text books. The aim was for students to be able to sell their no longer needed text books to other students who needed them, and for all this to happen with as little effort as possible from the students, of course. As such reBOOK was developed with these metrics in mind.
Originally reBOOK was a course project done in collaboration with the firebrand of a person that is Jacques Holst over at Café Analog at the IT-University.

In short reBOOK is a by-students-for-students initiative that humbly tries to accommodate the needs of a modern budget constrained student.
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Is my password encrypted?
Yes it is.
However private information such as e-mail, name and phone number is not encrypted in any way, nor is it directly displayed.

What is handshake ?
Handshake is our definition of engaging an early agreement with another person selling the book you are looking for.
Further terms of agreement is handled by e-mail in which is engaged directly by pressing handshake.

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Some more stats will surely follow :)

Some more user stats will surely follow :)

Some more user stats will surely follow :)

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